Business Management - Unit 3

Topics: Business Management - Unit 3

Chapter 1 Large-scale organisations in context
1.1 Characteristics of Large-scale organisations

1.2 Variations in types of Large scale organisations

1.3 Objectives and strategies of large-scale organisations

1.4 The positive contribution that large-scale organisations make to the economy
1.5 The negative contribution that large-scale organisations make to the economy

1.6 Internal and external (macro and operating) environments

1.7 Performance indicators - profitability, sales an productivity
1.8 Performance indicators - staff satisfaction, wastage and workplace accidents

1.9 Stakeholders of large-scale organisations

  • Chapter 2 Internal environments of large-scale organisations
2.1 Different management structures
2.2 Three basic types of managemernt structures

2.3 Corporate culture and its development

2.4 Key management roles

2.5 Policy development and its applications

2.6 Management styles - autocratic and persuasive
2.7 Management styles - consultative and participative
2.8 The laissez-faire management style and the situational management approach

2.9 Management skills - communication, delegation, negotiation and teamwork
2.10 Management skills - problem solving, decision making, time and stress management, emotional intelligence

2.11 Ethical and socilly responsible management of the internal environment

  • Chapter 3 The operations management function
3.1 The operations function and its relationship to business objectives and business strategy

3.2 Key elements of an operations system in large-scale organisations

3.3 Operations , productivity and business competitiveness

3.4 Facilities design and layout

3.5 Materials management

3.6 The management of quality

3.7 Use of technology

3.8 Ethically and socially responsible management of an operations system